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The team of Kasitu Eco Tours welcomes you to the Switzland in Africa. We invite you to discover Africa’s best kept secret, an exciting natural and cultural experience of a still widefy unspoilft part of the continent. We are the established leader in community-based tourism and ecoutourism in Northern Kivu. Our tailor-made tours guarantee a maximum of interaction with the local population and intimate community with Eastern DRC’s beautiful nature. We cooperate with an extensive network of community organisations, international NGOs and likeminded private compmanies. Our primary goal is to promote a high-quality visitor experience in an environment which benefits an increasing number of local people directly, as our partners, yet without compromising the very assets upon which the destination depends; namely, a specularly beautiful natural environment amid a largely unspoilt cultural environment
Your Contribution
Day by day, the " Forest " is going forever and will not be coming back, " The natural habitat for the Gorillas", disappearing by cutting wood for having charcoals, building houses, making big farmers of cattle, which means environment is really undergone Poachers’ authorities;
To sum up, by paying for your , you are materially contributing to the struggle against poaching. An action for which we thank you very much! Your assistance is most highly appreciated.

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